37 weeks. 3 to go?

I had an appointment with my ob yesterday. She was very positive and said everything looks good. We just need to keep watching my blood pressure incase it gets too high. Which it has been getting up there… she said next week she will start checking my cervix to see if I’m dilated. 

Today we had an appointment with our high risk doctor for an ultrasound. She was very concerned with Millie’s size. She went from the 28th percentile 2 and a half weeks ago to the 15th today. So her growth is slowing down. She wants to see me back in one week and they will decide if they are going to induce me. They think she will grow better on the outside. 

Right now she is measuring just under 6 pounds. So she will be little but she should do well. Of course I’m still struggling with it. I feel like I’m failing her. I broke down and had a pitty party after the doctor. The doctor really can’t come up with a reason why she isn’t growing she still thinks it’s connected to my blood pressure so she checked it cause I guess she thinks I’m lying to her when she asks how it is. It was fine when she checked so everyone is just at a loss…. 

On one hand I just keep trying to tell myself at least we made it this far and the other part of me is just so scared and worried and sad that something may be wrong or will go wrong and she won’t be okay or will have to struggle.  

Next week could be interesting or it could be more waiting.. we shall see. 


Falling behind again..

I’m so sick of having bad appointments. 

Yesterday we had an ultrasound with our high risk doctor. Our little girl is falling behind again they have her in the 30th percentile again.

The amniotic fluid is low so they said I needed to drink more water.

She did say the cord flow is better then last time so I guess lightening my load at work and at home has been helping.

Millie is 4 pounds 14 ounces now and she said if I am able to go full term she should be about 7 pounds. But she still really thinks my blood pressure is just a time bomb. Even though my regular ob, the one that is going to deliver my child, thinks if we made it this far we are going to be fine although it is still a possibility just not as big of one as before. 

All and all my husband was very unhappy with the appointment and let me know when we got home saying I don’t care about my daughter cause I keep doing things I’m not supposed to and I’m not taking care of her or myself. So now he is a water nazi and wants me to cut my hours back at work even more. He did clean the house this morning so I would be able to relax but I felt really bad yesterday by him yelling at me. I care more about this baby then I have anything ever in my life and I am trying everything to be healthy for her but life can’t be put on hold and we are not made of money so I still need to work and the house still needs to be taken care of I’m just trying to find a balance. 

Well next appointment is a week from tomorrow with our regular doctor and we will see what she says. She is far more positive then the high risk. After this appointment I will be 36 weeks and from there on out we will be seeing her every week till Millie comes. 

We also had our baby shower that for some reason I forgot to post about.. it was very fun we had lots of fun games and great food and got lots and lots of cute baby stuff. We still have a lot of must haves on our registry but my husband’s friends from work are having a baby shower for him on the 11th so he won’t let me buy anything till after that.  

And here’s my 8 month 2 weeks and 3 days baby bump. Lol yeah I couldn’t pick a round about time. I like making things difficult. 


Time to find my happy place. 

It’s been 9 days since my last ob appointment and my blood test all came back good and I passed my second one hour glucose test and I’m now in the third trimester!!

Today I had am appointment with our high risk doctor for another ultrasound. 3 weeks ago we had one and she said Millie was small,  in the 30th percentile well she grew and they now have her in the 50th!! I’m was so happy I actually broke down in the office crying. 

With that great news she did say my placenta has some abnormalities she suspects it to be from spikes in my blood pressure. She said while I don’t actually have high blood pressure I have what they call white coat syndrome. Where when put in a stressful situations my blood pleasure spikes and even though it may not last long it is effecting my placenta. So I need to start trying to keep myself calm and not stress. Which I think is going to be hard specially with everything that’s going on. From last times bad ultrasound, trying to finish the nursery, taking care of my zoo, taking care of the house, getting ready for my brother in law to move in, my dog having surgery on Monday from an injury from a fight with my other dogs, running a business, and just dealing with life. It’s just stressful! But I’m going to try really hard and count to ten and find my happy place cause this baby is the most important thing I’ve ever done in my life. 


Pregnancy update

Tomorrow we will be 26 weeks along.. we had our second ultrasound with the high risk doctor today. Millie is breach. My placenta is thick. Her tummy is small and measuring in the 30th percentile… a whole lot of not great news. The doctor said she is not concerned but she wants me back in 3 week. She thinks Millie might just be in between a growth spurt. But of course anything less then everything is great is going to panic me I’ve tried for this baby for over 11 years. We have been reading too much.. I’m completely changing my diet that wasn’t the best to start. But on the bright side of this whole thing we got to see our sweet little angels face!! Not just bones and creepiness like last time. 

We are back to the regular doctor in 2 weeks to do the glucose test again. Then back to the high risk doctor in 3 week to see where she is measuring. I’m going to try to not stress out.. and enjoy my little angel kicking and playing. 


20 Week Ultrasound Pictures 

Well… technically it’s 19 weeks and 5 days. Our little one is measuring 19 weeks 6 days. So one day alwat from 20 weeks the big half way point to FINALLY being a mommy and daddy. Most people would be finding out the sex but we already know we are having a girl!

In the last week we got back the result for our spina bifida. And we are all good. 

My mom got into town on the first the day before my 35th birthday. And today she got to come along for the ultrasound and see her granddaughter for the first time. It was a very in depth ultrasound checking to make sure everything measured right and was developing the way it should. I did get yelled at for not eating enough. I have to start eating every two hours. Even though I started over weight this doctor is worried I haven’t gained anything at this point. She said I am going to start pickling my baby if all she is eating is my fat. But other then that everything looked great so here’s what we got from the photo shoot.

1, 2 and 4 are her face.. or more like her skull. Very strong ultrasound machine. But we have some good solid bones. 

3 is a foot getting ready to go into her mouth or be rubbed all over her tiny face. 

5 was her playing with her foot. You can clearly see her foot but the hand is a blur cause it was in motion but we got to see her playing with her foot in the video. It was so cute. 

6 is the tiny chubby fingers and hand waving to us. 
After this we went to the art museum. It was very fun and lots of walking in the new Adidas parley sneekers my hubby got me for my birthday. My feet felt good but my back and butt hurt. 

Me and my baby daddy

A HUGE baby 

This tiny little boy looking into a mirror 

This women with a baby was only about 2 feet tall.

Big huge couple. 

So some fun times with the family. Next small doctors appointment in 3 weeks then another ultrasound in 6 weeks. 


14 week check up

Doctors yesterday.. nothing exciting. They listened to the baby heart beat that they had problems hearing at first. She was all the way to the left hiding. I felt her kick as soon as the wand moved over her. She was just not having it.

I did the blood glucose hour test. No results back yet but that sugar drink made my tummy hurt the rest of the day. I have an appointment set up with the highest risk doctor for an indepth 20 week ultrasound at the beginning of march.

I have not been sleeping like I was a couple weeks ago but now I have no energy. So that’s been a fun change the doctor said it normally doesn’t happen as drastic as mine did but it’s normal around this time. I think a little bit of depression has been the leading cause of me being lazy. I can’t help being mad at my self for not being as happy as I know I should. I have been thinking about going and talking to someone. I just hate spending more money on something I know is not going to last especially when work is so slow this time of year but I know my poor husband is ready for me not to be a crazy person anymore. I just keep hoping when work picks up again at the end of the month and I don’t have as much down time I’ll he back to normal. 

Well we are on our own for the next 4 weeks. No appointments. Just letting baby grow. It will be the longest time with out the doctor checking in on her. So till something else exciting happens…..


Regular pregnant lady stuff 

Well kinda…. we went to our first regular ob appointment. It was HORRIBLE! I think we have just been spoiled by the best fertility doctor around. This new doctor was very nice and thorough but took FOREVER. We where there from 11:15 till 2 pm. 2 hours of that was just sitting in her office waiting to talk with her. Not fun specially when we were both starving. The ultrasound she did that was not an interuteral but just the regular one you really couldn’t see anything BUT we did for the first time actually hear the heart beat which was magical. It was so loud and strong.  And like our baby normally does there was not a moment he was still. 

I have lost another 5 pounds which brings us up to 7 lol. I never thought getting pregnant would be the magic diet I needed. No one’s worried and said it is actually a good thing to loose some now so at the birth I should only be 10 pounds heavier then I started. Let’s see how that goes..

We did the genetic test today. Where they take my blood and filter out the baby blood and test it for any genetic abnormalities and it will tell us the gender! The doctor said my insurance will actually cover it because when I deliver I will be over 35. We should have results back in 7-10 days! 

I got my first ever flu shot today. Not super excited about that but that’s what the doctor wanted. She did give us the all clear to have a birth photographer which I am very excited about! 

We have our next appointment with her in 3 weeks at that time she is going to be referring us to a high risk doctor for what I’m not totally sure. I think something about its at the hospital and they have much better ultrasound machines and they will do an in depth exam of the baby and make sure everything’s growing correctly. Guess it’s part of starting a family in your mid 30s with ivf. 

The morning sickness keeps coming and going. But we are now officially 12 weeks pregnant!! The very last week in my first trimester! I’m so ready to be in my second. So the hormones and sleepiness and horrible vivid nightmares can go awa And people can stop looking are me all crazy like when I say I’m pregnant and ___ weeks. I always get the “and your already telling people” yes I sure am cause I payed 20 grand for this baby so I’m going to tell the world cause I really worked for this. 

My mom keeps talking about moving down here which I am beyond excited for! She’s already bought the baby a whole wardrobe. We already have 25 onesies and a some other assorted blankets and other baby stuff. This kid is goin to be spoiled… I mean loved.