34 week check up

Well technically tomorrow is 34 weeks but doctors appointment was today. The doctor has been happy with my blood pressure numbers and said as long as they stay like this we will be going to full term! Or longer… that I’m not as excited about lol. I’m up to 16 pounds gained now.. so I’m getting close to what they wanted me to gain hopefully I don’t blow up in the next 6 weeks. For the most part I feel good, I’ve been sleeping good even with this wiggle worm having dance party’s in my tummy every time I stop moving. I have been feeling very tired though. I want a nap everyday and working makes me want two.

 Heart burn though…. OMG it is awful!! Like all the time now and it will not let up. 

The infection in my groin is gone for the most part but I have something the doctor said in a long scientific word that means extra skin growth. That I guess is very common when your pregnant so we are watching to see if it will go away after she’s born if not we have to cut it off. Pregnancy does some weird things to your body… 

So let’s close this off with a picture of my very dirty mirror at work… oh yeah and my big ol pregnant self. 



Well that took a turn really fast.

I went to see the doctor today about a skin infection.. before she even got to that she dove right into my ultrasound 2 days ago with Dr Adams. The flow though the umbilical cord is restricted they still think it’s tied to my blood pressure but every time they take it it’s fine… so now she is warning it’s a matter of time before I’m in the hospital on bed rest. I asked her if I should start cutting back on my activities now. And after telling her about all the things I’ve been doing she has me cutting all them out. AND cutting back my hours at work AND adding more breaks. So aside from shorter, easier days at work she wants me to sit around the house and do as little a possible in hopes of pushing back full in the hospital bed rest. My husband is very mad at me for not taking it easy earlier since he has been telling me from the start to stop doing things. SO NO MORE DOING THINGS!! 

Today is officially my 8 month mark!! 32 weeks now! People are finally asking me if I’m pregnant so I’ll take that as I really look pregnant now. My weight gain as of today is 14 pounds. But truth be told it was after I just ate lunch. So maybe 13.. let’s see how much more I gain now that I’m going to lay around most of the time. Less then 8 weeks to go if my doctors have anything to say about it. Getting so excited!


Quick update

Ultrasound today with our high risk doctor. Our baby girl has flipped! She is no longer breach and the doctor doesn’t think we have to worry about her turning back around. We were extremely excited! One step closer to having a natural birth. Not that it would kill us if we had to do a cesarean but we would just like to go as natural as possible. She is growing good. They put her at about 3.17 pounds and in the 45 percentile. They said I need to pay attention to her movements they said it’s good she is getting more control of her movements and is not jabbing like before. 

This week we also have an emergency appointment with our ob due to an infected sweat gland on my bikini line. They had given me something for it back in March and it was almost gone and the last 3 days out of now were a nasty infection bloom. I really don’t want that to have an impact on the baby so hopefully we can get it back under control and not have to do surgery on it. 

Well here’s to the home stretch! 2 more moths to go!


Way too much going on!! 

We have had a crazy 2 weeks!! 

We finally got the nursery all finished. It’s all painted and the trim is fixed. And everything is moved in! I absolutely love it in there. Realizing we have a lot of stuff so far. And still have the baby shower coming up June 11.

Now we have to start working on the rest of the rooms since my brother in law is moving in in 3 days and taking our room. 

2 weeks ago we also had a nasty dog fight between 3 of my dogs that ended in one having surgery to sow her neck closed. That got really infected and was a nightmare to keep clean. Then another dog got put on meds to stop her from loosing bladder control only for it to make her loose complete use of her back legs. So she got taken off that but put on arthritis meds. 

After all this fun last Tuesday I pulled my groin getting in the shower. The doctor said it’s not uncommon cause everything down there is all stretched out and wobbly right now. But oh my gosh does it hurt. And a week later its still not going away. Work being so busy and trying to do stuff around the house and the ever growing weight on the front of me probably isn’t helping.  

The sinks at Sam’s are just the right height to support all my baby!

I had my last doctor’s appointment on friday. I’m up to a total of 10 pounds gained. She said the baby is growing great. My blood pressure tracking has been good. She was so happy we have made it 30 weeks with out any major events so she feels we are coming out of the woods. We are far enough along that if my blood pressure decides to go crazy in the future the baby will be okay. Still hoping it doesn’t but at least now we are not stressing about it. 

We also had our last birthing class last night. They were good classes I’m really glad we took them. We both got a really good idea of what to expect and how to cope with things. Even just knowing when to go to the hospital and where to go when we get there really put me at ease. 

Now we just watch and wait.. we have just over 2 months to go. 


Time to find my happy place. 

It’s been 9 days since my last ob appointment and my blood test all came back good and I passed my second one hour glucose test and I’m now in the third trimester!!

Today I had am appointment with our high risk doctor for another ultrasound. 3 weeks ago we had one and she said Millie was small,  in the 30th percentile well she grew and they now have her in the 50th!! I’m was so happy I actually broke down in the office crying. 

With that great news she did say my placenta has some abnormalities she suspects it to be from spikes in my blood pressure. She said while I don’t actually have high blood pressure I have what they call white coat syndrome. Where when put in a stressful situations my blood pleasure spikes and even though it may not last long it is effecting my placenta. So I need to start trying to keep myself calm and not stress. Which I think is going to be hard specially with everything that’s going on. From last times bad ultrasound, trying to finish the nursery, taking care of my zoo, taking care of the house, getting ready for my brother in law to move in, my dog having surgery on Monday from an injury from a fight with my other dogs, running a business, and just dealing with life. It’s just stressful! But I’m going to try really hard and count to ten and find my happy place cause this baby is the most important thing I’ve ever done in my life. 


More and more doctors visits….

Let’s start with our birthing classes that started yesterday. It’s a 4 week class at our hospital. Yesterday was mostly an overview but we did get to tour the hospital which I really liked cause now I know where to go when Millie decides to come. This morning I had an appointment with my ob. We did another hour glucose test that we are waiting for the results on. My blood pressure was a little high again and again the same girl did it that got a high reading last time. And surprise surprise and couple minutes later she checked it again and it was lower. But of course the doctor wants to keep an eye on it and me. At lease nothing will slip by us. Millies heart sounded good. And they want me back in 2 weeks. 

This Friday is the start of my third trimester! I’m excited and scared. I know it’s gettin very very close now and I know we have a lot to do and it seems more and more keeps getting piled on. My husband has now started working with my friend on the baby shower since it is now about a month away and we still don’t have invitations to mail out! And I found out yesterday I’m mom is going to miss it all.. the shower.. the birth everything. I will have literally no family here for the biggest thing in my life. My husband tries to make me feel better saying his family is my family and I love them all but it’s not my mom. So things just feel like they are starting to fall apart. 

On top of normal baby stress my brother in law and his 2 cats are getting ready to move in with us in a couple weeks. Which means we have to empty out a room full of 10 years of collecting and move our room while getting the nursery ready. And he just complains!! We need a dish washer, we need another bathroom. we need a bigger toilet. Which basically means I need to do all this cause I’m the one that usually takes care of the house. Like I don’t have enough on my plate after working 40 hours a week, taking care of all the animals and keepinget up with house work and a million doctors appointments while growing a human!  He is not moving in to help us out he is moving in cause he can’t afford his apartment anymore since he let his roomamte break the lease. I think this is all just going to be to much stress. We shall we I guess. 
On the upside I’m starting to look more pregnant then fat. Only took me 7 months!!


3rd trimester approaches 

We are taking things day by day after the not so great ultrasound reading last Thursday. In the midst of all the stress I realized I only have one week and 2 days left of my second trimester. The stress and fear are starting to subside again and I know my little girl will be okay. She tells me every time I stop moving by kicking and wiggling around. She is so active i just know she is fine and doing things at her own speed. She still has plenty of time to keep growing in there and 30 percentile is not horrible. She is just a little small. So I am going to keep enjoying all the kicking and moving and playing she is doing in my tummy and enjoy this last week of the second trimester knowing each week she is more and more out of danger and closer to being in my arms. Just keep doing your thing little one I will see you in 3 months.