Straight to labor and delivery 

Had my ob check up this morning that went great she said everything looked great! I was 2 cm dilated and 50% thinned. 

Two hours later I have my ultrasound with my high risk doctor. Her and her tech checked my placenta 3 times and it was critically low so she sent me straight over to labor and delivery to be induced. Around 5:30 they finally gave me med to ripen my cervix, which hurt like hell, and I started having contractions. They are leaving that in for 12 hours and bright and early tomorrow morning they will start me of pitocin and we should have a baby…

Thank god they are going to give me some sleeping medicine so I can sleep tonight cause I’m sure tomorrow is going to be a long day. 


37 weeks. 3 to go?

I had an appointment with my ob yesterday. She was very positive and said everything looks good. We just need to keep watching my blood pressure incase it gets too high. Which it has been getting up there… she said next week she will start checking my cervix to see if I’m dilated. 

Today we had an appointment with our high risk doctor for an ultrasound. She was very concerned with Millie’s size. She went from the 28th percentile 2 and a half weeks ago to the 15th today. So her growth is slowing down. She wants to see me back in one week and they will decide if they are going to induce me. They think she will grow better on the outside. 

Right now she is measuring just under 6 pounds. So she will be little but she should do well. Of course I’m still struggling with it. I feel like I’m failing her. I broke down and had a pitty party after the doctor. The doctor really can’t come up with a reason why she isn’t growing she still thinks it’s connected to my blood pressure so she checked it cause I guess she thinks I’m lying to her when she asks how it is. It was fine when she checked so everyone is just at a loss…. 

On one hand I just keep trying to tell myself at least we made it this far and the other part of me is just so scared and worried and sad that something may be wrong or will go wrong and she won’t be okay or will have to struggle.  

Next week could be interesting or it could be more waiting.. we shall see. 


36 Week Update 

Tomorrow I will be 36 weeks pregnant. One week away from being full term. 

It’s not been the easiest week of my pregnancy. My blood pressure is creeping up, my feet have been starting to swell, walking is much more like a waddle now. I really can not work a full day anymore. It’s just too hard to stand that long.  

At the check up with my doctor this morning I expressed all my concerns with her, specially the blood pressure. She said it is totally normal. My blood pressure should be getting higher since we are getting so close to the end. And my feet should be swelling and all that fun. She made me feel so much better. We did the strep test and booked my next appointment for next week. And we will be going in every week now till my daughter is born. 

I can not believe I’m due in 4 short weeks!! I have been keeping busy getting the nursery ready. Mostly just washing all her clothes, blankets and bedding and trying to organize and find homes for everything. We still have a couple things we need to get but for the most part we are ready… or as ready as you can be to have your first child. 


Falling behind again..

I’m so sick of having bad appointments. 

Yesterday we had an ultrasound with our high risk doctor. Our little girl is falling behind again they have her in the 30th percentile again.

The amniotic fluid is low so they said I needed to drink more water.

She did say the cord flow is better then last time so I guess lightening my load at work and at home has been helping.

Millie is 4 pounds 14 ounces now and she said if I am able to go full term she should be about 7 pounds. But she still really thinks my blood pressure is just a time bomb. Even though my regular ob, the one that is going to deliver my child, thinks if we made it this far we are going to be fine although it is still a possibility just not as big of one as before. 

All and all my husband was very unhappy with the appointment and let me know when we got home saying I don’t care about my daughter cause I keep doing things I’m not supposed to and I’m not taking care of her or myself. So now he is a water nazi and wants me to cut my hours back at work even more. He did clean the house this morning so I would be able to relax but I felt really bad yesterday by him yelling at me. I care more about this baby then I have anything ever in my life and I am trying everything to be healthy for her but life can’t be put on hold and we are not made of money so I still need to work and the house still needs to be taken care of I’m just trying to find a balance. 

Well next appointment is a week from tomorrow with our regular doctor and we will see what she says. She is far more positive then the high risk. After this appointment I will be 36 weeks and from there on out we will be seeing her every week till Millie comes. 

We also had our baby shower that for some reason I forgot to post about.. it was very fun we had lots of fun games and great food and got lots and lots of cute baby stuff. We still have a lot of must haves on our registry but my husband’s friends from work are having a baby shower for him on the 11th so he won’t let me buy anything till after that.  

And here’s my 8 month 2 weeks and 3 days baby bump. Lol yeah I couldn’t pick a round about time. I like making things difficult. 


34 week check up

Well technically tomorrow is 34 weeks but doctors appointment was today. The doctor has been happy with my blood pressure numbers and said as long as they stay like this we will be going to full term! Or longer… that I’m not as excited about lol. I’m up to 16 pounds gained now.. so I’m getting close to what they wanted me to gain hopefully I don’t blow up in the next 6 weeks. For the most part I feel good, I’ve been sleeping good even with this wiggle worm having dance party’s in my tummy every time I stop moving. I have been feeling very tired though. I want a nap everyday and working makes me want two.

 Heart burn though…. OMG it is awful!! Like all the time now and it will not let up. 

The infection in my groin is gone for the most part but I have something the doctor said in a long scientific word that means extra skin growth. That I guess is very common when your pregnant so we are watching to see if it will go away after she’s born if not we have to cut it off. Pregnancy does some weird things to your body… 

So let’s close this off with a picture of my very dirty mirror at work… oh yeah and my big ol pregnant self. 



Well that took a turn really fast.

I went to see the doctor today about a skin infection.. before she even got to that she dove right into my ultrasound 2 days ago with Dr Adams. The flow though the umbilical cord is restricted they still think it’s tied to my blood pressure but every time they take it it’s fine… so now she is warning it’s a matter of time before I’m in the hospital on bed rest. I asked her if I should start cutting back on my activities now. And after telling her about all the things I’ve been doing she has me cutting all them out. AND cutting back my hours at work AND adding more breaks. So aside from shorter, easier days at work she wants me to sit around the house and do as little a possible in hopes of pushing back full in the hospital bed rest. My husband is very mad at me for not taking it easy earlier since he has been telling me from the start to stop doing things. SO NO MORE DOING THINGS!! 

Today is officially my 8 month mark!! 32 weeks now! People are finally asking me if I’m pregnant so I’ll take that as I really look pregnant now. My weight gain as of today is 14 pounds. But truth be told it was after I just ate lunch. So maybe 13.. let’s see how much more I gain now that I’m going to lay around most of the time. Less then 8 weeks to go if my doctors have anything to say about it. Getting so excited!


Quick update

Ultrasound today with our high risk doctor. Our baby girl has flipped! She is no longer breach and the doctor doesn’t think we have to worry about her turning back around. We were extremely excited! One step closer to having a natural birth. Not that it would kill us if we had to do a cesarean but we would just like to go as natural as possible. She is growing good. They put her at about 3.17 pounds and in the 45 percentile. They said I need to pay attention to her movements they said it’s good she is getting more control of her movements and is not jabbing like before. 

This week we also have an emergency appointment with our ob due to an infected sweat gland on my bikini line. They had given me something for it back in March and it was almost gone and the last 3 days out of now were a nasty infection bloom. I really don’t want that to have an impact on the baby so hopefully we can get it back under control and not have to do surgery on it. 

Well here’s to the home stretch! 2 more moths to go!